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e-Stetix 3D Mammo v3.3

We have evolved in the area of simulation of breast augmentation using the Crisalix method. Now a surgeon can simply upload to the e-Stetix online tool three photographs, determine along with the patient the desired implant and have the simulated physical result in seconds. This enables the patient and surgeon to agree at the time of consultation, giving the patient more confidence in the procedure. The advantage to the surgeon is he/she can do this without purchase of expensive equipment, thus the capacity to utilize it in various locales. It also speeds up the confirmation process resulting in a higher consult-to-surgery conversion rate.

The evolution in surgeon/patient relations has taken a giant step forward.

Prof. Thomas Biggs, MD

Editor in chief IPRAS JOURNAL

Tips of the Month

e-Stetix 3D Mammo is a cloud computing solution, meaning that you can access this information from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection. The ‘My Library’ feature is an extremely valuable tool which enables you to upload any kind of document for your own records or any document relevant to a specific patient. Whether you are travelling, or at home, or even consulting remotely, you can access any and all the files you uploaded to your account.

The ‘Pre-model’ view in e-Stetix 3D Mammo is not only a tool for viewing the reconstruction of the patient's bust. This screen has functionalities which allow you to take measurements, make drawings of planned incisions and insert comments. The particular advantage of this feature is that it avoids having to keep the nude patient waiting in discomfort while you conduct examinations. Furthermore, you can show your patient in an interactive manner how you plan the surgery.


Past Events

Crisalix presented e-Stetix 3D Mammo v3.3 during the 6th International Tutorial in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery held in New Delhi, India, between January 27-30. The main advantage of e-Stetix which was recognized by the attendees related to the decrease of re-operations and the subsequent optimization of patient satisfaction.

During the IMCAS (International Master Course on Agin Skin) conference on 3D, which took place in Paris, France, between 6-9 January, Crisalix was invited to lecture about its pioneering technology and the benefits of using a purely web-based simulation for breast augmentation.

Future Events

The e-Stetix 3D Mammo software will be presented at a number of upcoming congresses and conferences, amongst which is The Annual Baker Gordon Symposium (find us at the Deka Medical Booth N° 4) which will be held in Miami, US, between February 10-12, and the Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop in Melbourne, Australia, between February 17-20.

Crisalix News

Collaboration with one of the world’s leading business schools: IMD

As a winner of the 2011 start-up competition at IMD, the no. 3 business school for Executive Education in 2010* located in Lausanne, Switzerland, Crisalix has started collaborating with a team of dedicated and experienced participants from the MBA and the Executive MBA programs.

Staff event in the Alps

Crisalix staff from our three development centers in Lausanne, Bern and Barcelona travelled to the Alps to participate in the Crisalix Staff Meeting.
The entire Crisalix team enjoyed two days of social activities to strengthen relationships and contribute to a collaborative dynamic.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Crisalix.

Jaime García Giraldez, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Crisalix

Parc Scientifique [PSE-A]

Ecole Polythechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

1015 Lausanne | VD




Unlike anything currently available, including computer imaging, this technology allows the patient to visualize their own changed body.

Foad Nahai, MD

Former President of ISAPS

Great program. It helps us in the selection of the implant size together with the patient. Moreover, the patient is a decision maker for the desired result which keeps her from blaming the surgeon.

Paulo Hvenegaard, MD

Founder of the Brazilian Society of Crano Facial Surgery

3D simulation is an important technological assistance in the management of breast augmentation. It allows the patient to be really involved in choosing the volume and type of implant, which provides a better match between the result and the result idealized.

Christophe Desouches, MD

Plastic Surgeon

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