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e-Stetix 3D Mammo V4.1 - now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of e-Stetix 3D Mammo version 4.1

As part of continued efforts to enhance e-Stetix and its features, version 4.1 offers improved 3D results as well as optimized user functionalities.

Version 4.1 features:

Precise calculation for perfect 3D surgery simulation:

By using a new scientific methodology of infinite iterative calculation, e-Stetix is now able to provide ultimate accuracy post-operative volume based on the implant and the pre-operative breast.

Increased resilience of the 3D reconstruction:

e-Stetix’s reconstruction is now less sensitive to background colours and shadows, as well as to changes in patient postures. We nevertheless strongly recommend adhering to the guidelines for optimal photos, as this will greatly contribute to obtaining best 3D results.

Increased 3D simulation precision:

e-Stetix’s new version takes into account more precisely the surgical technique and implant shape selected.

Faster loading of 3D clothes:

 The loading speed of the 3D virtual wardrobe has been enhanced by 75% to enable the simulation of the clothes to load in 11 seconds instead of the previously 45 seconds.

Intuitive tool bar:

The newly improved tool bar of the 3D reconstruction and simulation screens now includes:

  • minimize/maximize function;
  • palette to choose different background colours from;
  • option between metric and U.S units systems of measurements;
  • one-click access to lateral, frontal and above views of the 3D simulation;
  • magic wand to interactively scroll from the reconstructed pre-surgical body to the 4 profiles generated by the Multi-Simulator.


Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Crisalix.

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