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e-Stetix 3D Mammo V4.3 – 3D Editor: You are the artist!

Instantaneous unlimited 3D physical simulations, more than 15 free upgrades and new developments in less than 12 months, 24/7 personalized client support in 11 languages, software available in 9 languages, extensive implant catalogue and many other features offered to you by Crisalix …that’s probably why we have now reached users in over 60 countries around the world.

The all-new 4.3 version of e-Stetix is representative of state of the art Swiss made technology offering a truly new era of plastic surgery consultation with a whole new level of capabilities, and specifically the 3D Editor with which you can re-define specific parts of the 3D body.

e-Stetix is also introducing the first 3D fat injection simulator, a fully integrated web-based surgery planning tool as well as a body contour editor to obtain optimal 3D reconstruction results.

Read on for details of the latest version of e-Stetix and its exciting new features.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come.

Kind regards

Jaime Garcia, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

3D Editor – You are the artist!

This new interactive tool presents an absolutely unique functionality where you can modify the shape of the patient’s 3D body in order to obtain the most accurate 3D results. The free-hand and preset functionalities are applied by simply clicking on the desired region and defining the range of action. e-Stetix then calculates the volume the modification has had on the body’s shape.

The preset functions make the modification to the body much easier for upper pole, lower pole, lateral and interior regions. The feature can specifically be used for:

  • Fine-tuning of the reconstructed 3D model of the patient’s body or the post-surgery 3D simulation to reflect your own surgical technique and personal preferences.
  • Interactive tool for the patient. She can take the mouse and better explain what she would like by modifying her own body.

The first 3D Fat Injection Simulator

Fat injection procedures are becoming a new trend in plastic and aesthetic surgery. An increasing number of surgeons around the world are adopting this new and less invasive procedure.

e-Stetix’s new 3D volumetric editor, offers the perfect solution to modify volumes on specific regions of the body and visualize the result in 3D. You are then provided with the modified volume to plan the procedure accordingly.

The only fully integrated web-based 3D Surgery Planning

e-Stetix now includes the first web-based integrated 3D planning system, which allows you to define the shape and size of implants and their positioning with ultimate precision.

This new planning system offers measurement tools to establish not only linear point to point distances, but more importantly geodesical distances, point to plane and plane to plane distances which contribute to calculating the best size and position of the implants.

Have you wondered how to better explain to the patient why implants should not be too centered or too lateral? Why to choose different sizes for left and right breasts? You can now use this new 3D planning for educational purposes and to involve the patient even further in the decision-making process.

Intuitive Body Contour Editor

The new body contour editor allows you to manually define the contours of the body directly in the bodymarks section. If you are not satisfied with the 3D reconstruction of your patient’s body, you can return to the previous screen to delineate the contour of the body in order to obtain the best possible 3D reconstruction. This allows you to correct potential issues caused by incorrect pose during photo shoot or by the background of the photos.

This tool can also be used in case the photos show incorrect positioning of the arms, where arms are not separated enough from the body, or they are crossed behind the body. The interactive contour editor allows bypassing issues that may arise from photos which may not be optimal.

Other News


Crisalix was present at recent events in the US, Dominican Republic, Bosnia and Turkey, and will be present at numerous congresses and conferences in the US, Italy, Romania and China over the coming weeks. Click here to find out where to join us!

Implant Catalogue

e-Stetix’s Implant Catalogue has increased its selection and now includes over 4,600 implants available in the market from all major brands and manufacturers. Login to your e-Stetix account now to see all available implants.

SaaS business model

e-Stetix’s cloud computing solution means access anytime, from anywhere. This also means that you receive all updates and new developments directly on your computer, immediately.

e-Stetix is an amazing tool for every plastic surgeon. Being able to generate a 3D simulation from standard photos is absolutely unique.

Prof.Thomas Biggs

Editor in chief, IPRAS's journal

Congratulations to e-Stetix! This tool was missing in our daily practice. It will help the patient and the surgeon in selecting the best implant.

Felipe Coutinho

M.D., Member, ISAPS

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