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e-Stetix New Interface

In an effort to increase e-Stetix’s usability we will be launching version 6.0 with its New Interface on Thursday March 8th, 2012. This will offer improved navigability while maintaining the intuitive functionalities of e-Stetix. Please note that in order to launch the new interface we will block access to the e-Stetix server in the early morning of Thursday March 8th, European Standard Time.

Along with the new interface, v6.0 also includes an advanced Fat Injection Simulator in the 3D Editor, with which you can now specify the precise volume to be injected in the breast.

On another note, a Clinical Validation has been completed and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. This validation conducted a quality control analysis on e-Stetix’s 3D reconstructions to measure their accuracy.

Read on for more on these exciting news and stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!

Best regards,

Jaime Garcia, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


New e-Stetix interface

While offering the highest level of accuracy in terms of 3D simulations, to assist you in providing patients with a precise projection of how they could look after surgery is definitely our priority, e-Stetix’s usability is of prime importance, to ensure your user experience is as efficient as possible.

In an effort to offer superior user-friendliness, combined with an aesthetic layout of menus and increased navigability within e-Stetix, we will be launching a new and improved interface. This also offers an increased level of interconnectivity with patients related to their needs in expressing their aspirations and expectations.

With the large number of consultation requests transmitted to e-Stetix users from www.sublimma.com our dedicated website for patients seeking 3D consultations, the need to offer patients a highly intuitive and interactive solution with a pre-visualization of what they could look like after surgery, is critical.

This new interface, which includes improved workflows for increased speed of navigation, is representative of the generation of cloud solutions which e-Stetix offers. An intuitive display, offering direct access to all menus and submenus, and a main view summarizing all important information with access to main sections, such as your profile, patient data and the marketing kit. This allows for more straightforward usability of the key functionalities and for a seamless user experience.

New Fat Injection Simulation with specified volumes

In 2011 e-Stetix launched the first 3D Fat Injection Simulator with the 3D Editor, offering the perfect solution to modify volumes on specific regions of the breast and being provided with the modified volume to plan the procedure accordingly.

The new Fat Injection Simulator in e-Stetix, now allows you to define the precise volume of the procedure. Once the region of the body to be impacted is defined using the intuitive drawing tool, and the range or scope of intensity is determined using the slide bar, you can select the volume, to the closest cubic centimetre.

As another significant improvement to the previous version, with the new feature you can accurately simulate both fat injections and fat removal. This provides the ideal tool to show patients what they could look like and allows you to precisely plan the upcoming procedure.

Clinical Validation published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

The accuracy of e-Stetix’s 3D models is based on complex algorithms which reconstruct the patient’s body based on the 3 photos and placement of bodymarks. A quality control assessment was conducted to validate e-Stetix’s accuracy, using pre- and post-operative 2D-digital photos of patients undergoing breast augmentation procedures.

In order to validate e-Stetix’s accuracy, Crisalix collaborated with Dr. Serge Lê Huu (member of the Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery); Dr Mihai Constantinescu (Consultant for Plastic Surgery at the Inselspital, Bern); Harvard University; the Institute of Surgical Technology and Biomechanics, University of Bern; and the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery, Inselspital, Bern.

The results of the quantitative analysis indicated that e-Stetix’s 3D models showed a mean error between only 2 and 4 mm, thereby confirming the high level of precision of e-Stetix’s web-based, instantaneous 3D simulations. These precise 3D images provide patients with the most realistic preview of what their post-surgery body could look like, thereby contributing to increased patient satisfaction, conversion rates and referrals. Click here for the full article.

Have any questions or need assistance? Contact our team of Product Specialists, available 24/7, through Live Chat or by email (support.team@crisalix.com).

This software is very straightforward. I sincerely believe this tool is of great help to the plastic surgeon.

Antonio Graziosi, M.D.,

Past President of Sao Paolo Society of Plastic Surgery

e-Stetix allows the patient to make a better informed preoperative choice for both the desired volume and the surgical method and enables the surgeon to precisely plan the fat grafting or implant procedure to the breast.

Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, M.D.,

Member, ISAPS

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