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e-Stetix V3.0: a breakthrough new version

Crisalix launches e-Stetix V3, a breakthrough new version of its exclusive 3D simulator for breast augmentation. This new development brings 3D simulation possibilities for the patients to its highest level. The leading R&D University spin-off, inventor of the first worldwide 3D physical simulator for plastic surgery using only 2D photos, has launched this exclusive technology using proprietary codes and the most advanced research in its field.

New developments include:


  • The new proprietary 3D engine based on physical interaction of tissue layers and particle dynamics.
  • Ultra-fast: the new engine is able to simulate physical interactions between millions of 3D particles to provide the surgeon/user with the best result in less than 7 seconds.
  • EMV: stands for Elastic-Mass-Volumetric analysis, the core of the new version of the e-Stetix simulator. An extremely precise engine that models physics dynamics in order to get the most realistic simulation ever seen.



  • Photo-Geometrical: transformation of pixel information into geometric parameters based on body measures and photos from different angles.
  • 3D Modeler: accurate geometric parameters together with an efficient statistical model allow e-Stetix to create the 3D model of the torso in a user friendly and ergonomic way.


Other developments include:

  • Automatic and manual sub-mammary fold modification for extremely realistic 3D results.
  • Simplified process with very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Marketing kit available with website banners, 3D demonstration video for patients and much more.
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