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IPRAS Journal - 1st Issue July 2010

Welcome to the IPRAS JOURNAL. This is a periodical that will serve to bring you closer together in the wide world of plastic surgery. Our field is broad and varied, but we all have one thing in common: We’re dedicated to excellence, progress, and the well being of our patients. It is our desire to present to you a vital piece of communication on a regular basis so as to allow us all to focus more acutely on these goals.

Our plan is multi-faceted. Our intention is to have the journal a review of previous meetings, both active and endorsed, and a summary of future meetings on our calendar. We’ll have a report from our Executive Director, Zacharias Kaplanidis. Also you will have regular updates about Humanitarian mission from Constance Neuhan-Lorenz, Cristian Echinard, Nelson Piccolo, Jan Poell and other humanitarian team members. Of course regular editorials from our Secretary General, Marita Eisenmann Klein.

To be in continuous support of up to date scientific positions we’ll have at least one article per issue on an item of current interest written by a prominent member in that field. As we progress we’ll have a larger and larger collection of pertinent articles, accepted after undergoing a thorough review process by peers. Instructions to authors as to the process of manuscript creation and submission will be posted on the IPRAS website.

Each issue will have an interview with a “Pioneer” in a new and emerging pursuit in our specialty. Knowing that our Founders set up the organization to encompass the pillars of our specialty, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Hand, Burn, Aesthetic Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, the planned interviews will incorporate all these interests, as well as some cross over pursuits such as IQUAM. Understanding that the future of any organization lies in the hands of its younger members our plan is also to feature a piece in each issue our “Star on the Horizon” about one of ours in the younger age group. We’ll feature a Safety and Warning section alerting members of recent items worthy of caution.

Knowing full well the rapidity of change in all areas of endeavor we’ll work with the Website Committee to promote an interactive arena where members can go for comments or advice. Lastly, we want the IPRAS JOURNAL to be user friendly and rapid in its response to events of interest. We’ll strongly support a Letters to the Editor section and the Editor will respond when called upon.

Your Editor In Chief is tremendously pleased, honored, and excited to be part of what is bound to be a significant arm in this revived body of this largest and to be most significant organization of plastic surgery in the world.

Welcome to the IPRAS JOURNAL.

Dr Thomas Biggs

Editor in Chief’s

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