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New Crisalix 3D process: now 2 times faster

Easier and quicker 3D pre-model – save consultation time!

Always wanted to save time during your consultation? With the new version you will now save even more consultation time as it allows you to do the full process of generating the patient’s 3D model from 2D images in less than 2 minutes!


Faster upload and processing of photos

With this new development, you will now be able to select and upload all 3 patient photos at the same time without needing to each time search for the respective folder on your hard drive where the photos have been stored.

After uploading the photos, with a simple ‘drag and drop’ operation you can place them appropriately in their relevant placeholder. The ‘drag and drop’ action increases usability and represents the ultimate in ease-of-use. 

To make the process even more efficient, we have also implemented an innovative method to transfer photos. As soon as you click to proceed with placing the landmarks, the photos will already be sent to our servers to prepare for the reconstruction of the patient’s 3D model, saving even more of your valuable time.


Place landmarks in half the time!

To further accelerate the 3D reconstruction time, Crisalix now includes a facilitated process as well as additional tools for the placement of landmarks.

After placing the landmarks on the first profile photo, Crisalix employs a ‘mirror’ effect to systematically place the landmarks on the second profile photo, which you will then only need to fine tune for optimal 3D results.

The new landmarks process also comes with intuitive buttons which allow moving all landmarks at once.  On the one hand you can displace all landmarks at the same time while maintaining their respective distances. You can also use these buttons to modify their respective distances simultaneously. This is specifically useful when fine tuning the pre-positioned landmarks on the second profile photo and generally accelerating this step of the 3D reconstruction process.


Watch a video on how to now go from login to doing 2 simulations in 3 minutes!


Have any questions or require assistance? Contact our team of Product Specialists, available 24/7, through Live Chat or by email (support.team@crisalix.com).

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