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Virtual Assistant – Now Crisalix does the 3D for you

Have you ever dreamt of answering your patients’ No1 question relating to how they could look after the surgery, without any extra effort or time? With the new Crisalix Virtual Assistant, just focus on patient satisfaction by showing them their “new me”, thereby optimizing your conversion rate and referrals.

A new era of consultation is now starting with the Virtual Assistant allowing you to generate the patient’s 3D model and several simulations without doing the work! Don’t worry any more about how to do the 3D or even who is going to do it! In fact, almost any obstacle preventing you from offering 3D during your consultations can now be overcome.

Take this opportunity to move to the new version of the simulator as the Virtual Assistant is not available on the old one which will be discontinued in the coming days.

Login to your account now and try the all new Virtual Assistant!

As all good news rarely comes alone, along with the Virtual Assistant Crisalix has deployed an optimized volume control system for increased simulation precision of size and shape of implants in the patient’s body.

Best regards

Jaime Garcia, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

New Release

Virtual Assistant - Let Crisalix do the 3D work

We’ve just made things a whole lot easier for you. Get the best out of 3D simulations and boost your business with higher conversions and referrals through increased patient satisfaction.

Answer all your patients’ No1 question “how could I look after the surgery?” by barely lifting a finger.

All you need to do is create the patient profile as usual, upload the 3 standard 2D photos and let Crisalix do the rest. The 3D images will be generated and verified by our team of expert technical consultants to provide you with the most accurate, realistic and rapid results.

Get the best out of 3D simulations, simply and effortlessly.

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Other news

Improved volume precision in the 3D simulation

With a newly implemented innovative distribution control system, the volumes of selected implants are even more precisely reproduced in the patients’ breasts.

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Call to Action

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Have any questions or require assistance? Contact our team of Product Specialists, available 24/7, through Live Chat or by email (support.team@crisalix.com).

Please note the Virtual Assistant is not compatible with the iPad App.

This is a fantastic revolution for the patient as well as for the surgeon.

Jan Poëll, M.D.

Former President of ISAPS 

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