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    Crisalix Conversion Index (CCI)

    Last update: 27 May 21:55

    What is CCI?

    Standard conversion rate

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  • Vedra


    98.4% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Serge


    86,4% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Malan

    Dr. Fabrizio Malan, Italy Elected President of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SICPRE)

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Jan poell

    Jan Poell, Switzerland Former President of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

    “This is a fantastic revolution for the patient as well as for the surgeon.”

  • Rai

    Dr. Kimit Rai, Canada Past President of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

    78.9% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Etxeberria


    93.1% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Busse

    Dr.Frank Busse, Germany Plastic Surgeon

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Baisch

    Dr. Mauricio Baisch, Brazil Associated Member - Expert by the BRAZILIAN PLASTIC SURGERY SOCIETY

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Young

    Dr. Rodney Young, USA Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

    98.2% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Mendoza

    Javier López Mendoza, Mexico Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Dr. Geraldo Santos, Brazil Associated Member - Expert by the BRAZILIAN PLASTIC SURGERY SOCIETY

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Machado


    81.3% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Klein

    Dr. Stefan Gärner, Austria Member the Austrian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Franco

    Dr. Johnny Franco, United States AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY

    93.3% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Cowes

    Dr. Jorge Cowes, Panama Member of the Panama Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (APCPER)

    77.2% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Kapaj

    Dr. Rezarta Kapaj, Albania Member of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council

    81% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Cozart


    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Melo

    Dr. Murilo de Oliveira Melo, Brazil Associated Member - Expert by the BRAZILIAN PLASTIC SURGERY SOCIETY

    66.7% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Recinos

    Dr. Salvador Recinos, Albania Member of the Guatemalan College of Physicians and Surgeons

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Montserrat


    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Karim

    Dr. Karim Benitez, Puerto Rico American Board of Plastic Surgery

    92.1% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Dr. Juan Manuel Chaparro Gonzalez, Mexico Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER)

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Ruiz

    Dr. Carmen Ruiz, Honduras Member of the American Board of Surgery

    61.5% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Coiffman

    Dr. Abraham Malca Coiffman, Panama Member of the Ibero American Federation of Plastic Surgery

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Rubio

    Dr. Oriol Vernetta Rubio, Spain Member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE)

    88.9% Crisalix Conversion rate

  • Montano

    Dr. Luis Ramírez Montaño, Mexico Certified Member of the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

    100% Crisalix Conversion rate

The only professional web-based3D imaging for plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures

No hardware, no training
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Your no-brainer 3D simulator for breast, face and body procedures Show your patients their new body in 3D immediately after signing-up including an auto-guided tour.


  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Areola reduction
  • Asymmetric simulations
  • Implant replacement
  • Scars
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Catalog of implants


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Browlift
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin and jawlines
  • Catalog of injectables


  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction / lipotransfer
  • Body sculpturing
  • Buttocks (butt)

  • Simply take 3 pictures
    How would I look after surgery
  • Use the new Sensor in your iPad…

    Then Upload them to our application.

    …or with digital photos

  • Simulate in your iPad…

    See yourself now in 3D after surgery.

    …or in your PC/Mac

  • Simply take 3 pictures
    Now I know what I would look like!
  • Simply take 3 pictures
  • Then Upload them to our application.
  • See yourself now in 3D after surgery.
  • See yourself now in 3D after surgery.
  • Innovative: use your standard photos or the new Sensor
  • Online: connect from anywhere at any time
  • Simple: get simulations in just 1 click
  • Fast: make any change in real time
  • Accurate: benefit from the ultimate 3D surgical technology
  • Unique: personalize it based on your own needs*
  • *Customize your Crisalix application as you wish such as selecting implants from your favorite brands, safety zone based on patient physical properties, and many other specific features.

Your 3D online business platform Attract and satisfy more patients thanks to the different features included in your account

Diamond solution

  • Increasing revenues by attracting more patients and surgeries through a unique and attractive solution.
  • Diminishing costs and improving efficiency by letting the patient and Crisalix do it for you.
  • Stay ahead of competitors through the most viral marketing tool in the aesthetics field while attracting more web visitors.
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Patient platform customization

Patient platform
  • Be present with your own custom messages during the whole 3D process.
  • Get new leads through promotions and offerings and boost referrals.
  • Catch more patients letting them play with their own 3D.


  • Attract more qualified patients after placing the banner on your website
  • No more work from you: pictures are done by patient at home and you only need to show the simulation during the next consultation
  • Stay ahead of competitors
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  • Online tailor made booking application
  • Simplify and increase number of appointments
  • Optimize practice efficiency
  • Watch video


Patient access
  • The sharing tool for viral promotion: patient show the 3D images to their friends and family
  • Post-consultation follow-up & interaction: higher satisfaction & conversion rates
  • Teleconsultations
  • Watch video


  • Attract more patients from the most visited 3D booking directory
  • Customize your own page by pre-answering the key information patients are searching before booking an appointment
  • Engage with all visitors: 3D animation demo included
  • Try our directory

Why do 88% of patients simulated with Crisalix proceed to surgery?* Because their fundamental question “how could I look like after the procedure” is now answered

First global patient study on Crisalix 3D benefits**

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    Helped me in the consultation

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    Satisfied with my 3D simulation

  • 0

    Helped me choosing implants

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    Would recommend 3D to friends

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    Would recommend my surgeon

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    3D was The decisive factor to do the surgery

Post-surgery study***

3D Simulation vs reality

Would you recommend 3D to friends

So let’s increase the level of patient care

*Versus standard rate of 36% (The Business of Plastic Surgery: navigating a successful career”, by Joshua M. Korman, 2010).
**Ongoing study done since Sept 5th 2014. Surveys filled by 988 patients from 233 surgeons in 37 countries.
***Ongoing study done since Dec 10th 2014. Surveys filled by 155 patients from 79 surgeons in 25 countries.

  • Wow...you guys are amazing! I can't believe you can do that with three pictures!


  • Easy to use and useful. Cool!!


  • I love the after photos and plan to set a date to have this done very soon. Very excited! Thank you.


  • Amazing work from pictures taken from an iPad!


  • Very nice 3D projection. I'm impressed.


Discover how your peers benefit from their 3D platform Thousands of plastic surgeons around the world have already joined Crisalix. Be part of the Community

Kimit Rai M.D. Former President of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons Canada I had a patient who could not decide about her surgery. With 3D imaging from Crisalix she saw her simulation and then confirmed her size implant before proceeding with the surgery.

Roxanne Grawe M.D. USA My staff takes the photos and send them to the virtual assistant before I even go talk to the patient, so they are ready to view right away. I am also bringing the iPad into the room to show the patient and we have had a great conversion rate!

Rene Oropeza M.D. Past President of the Mexican Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER) Mexico Amazing tool, this experience gave me the opportunity of have a better communication with my patient, this point allowed that the satisfaction of my patients increases and my conversion rate is increasing too.

Javier López Mendoza M.D. Mexico Excellent simulation, I got a 3D model practically identical to the patient.

Nelson Fernandes M.D. The President of Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society of Goiania Brasil I believe very much that this software comes in handy in our daily work by helping us with one of the major dilemmas in breast augmentation surgery.

Ruth Graf Professor Brazil Today the patients are looking for innovations. With Crisalix 3D tool, patients send me their photos from home, and I demonstrate them the results of 3D prognosis in the clinic.

Cristina Picon M.D. Argentina My latest tool, the Crisalix 3D simulator, helps me as a professional, but it does even more for my patients, especially those who need something visual. This solution helps them feel confident in the surgery without being anxious about what the final volume or shape could be.

Matt James M.D. St-Thomas Hospital United Kingdom Only a few days after I placed a Crisalix 3D banner on my website for my new potential patients to prepare their 3D from home, I had already 1 patient who came up for a consultation, was pleased with the 3D simulation, and finally booked the surgery.

Jaralampos Giagtzidakis M.D. Venezuela Awesome! Being faster, make me use even more!

Alexandre Marchac M.D. France In this new version of Crisalix there are great new functionalities, like the fat injection and the new dynamic planning. I can modify the diameter, volume and position of the implants directly from the main view and this makes its usage much more easier.

Dean Cunha Gomes M.D. Bahrain The use of this software has most certainly increased the number of cases that carry on to get surgery done by me. Above all the fact that one can simulate not only the breast implant but also an additional fat transfer over certain areas of the breast to correct shape and symmetry, is awesome. My results have improved as now I spend more time on pre-surgery analysis and planning especially in asymmetrical breasts. I would highly recommend the use of this software to other plastic surgeon.

Tammy Fiabema M.D. Norway Crisalix banners are completely changing the patient response rate for my practice. My website is now updated with specific adapted instructions to patients on how to use the banner making it easy to execute. No doubt the patients find the interactive nature of this 3D experience thrilling!

Johannes Arnason M.D. Sweden Crisalix was of great help in planning and choosing the implant.

Jan Poëll M.D. Former President of the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS) Switzerland This is a fantastic revolution for the patient as well as for the surgeon.

Enrique Etxeberria M.D. Spain Since we are using Crisalix, our conversion rate of first consultations for breast augmentation has doubled. And now with the Virtual Assistant tool, the complexity of processing the patient’s 3D images has been drastically reduced to a quarter. We thought that Crisalix was the future, but actually, it´s the present.

Ashish Davalbhakta M.D. India It is a huge improvement. Very good.

Bar-Meir Eran M.D. Israel It was a very good experience. The result was very nice, I was able to show here differences between her breasts and a very nice expected result.

Niamh Corduff M.D. Former President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS) Australia Thank you for the New Crisalix Virtual Assistant...what a fantastic service! It saved us so much time with a much better outcome in quality. Great idea. I suspect that this will go down well with many colleagues. Why would you invest in all the hardware, software and staff time to do it yourself in the rooms when this service is available?

Fabrizio Malan M.D., President of Italian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SICPRE) Italia The new release of Crisalix 3D is very user friendly, and fast-to-use. It is a necessary and very helpful communication tool with patients for breast implants assessment. I have been surprised and pleased with the capacity of such an online system to draw the attention of patients I didn’t know before.

The only 3D simulator that pays for itself during the free trial! 3D simulation for smart aesthetic professionals

Increase in Conversion rate Attract more patients Increase patient’s loyalty Optimize costs Enhance reputation Diminish redo

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  • All packages include

    • Your no-brainer 3D imaging solution

    • 3D imaging for breast and face
    • Permanent upgrades
    • 24 hour live support
    • Online ordering (not available for every brand)
    • Your 3D business platform

    • Post consultation patient access
    • Banner for your website to attract patients
    • No1 3D surgeon finder
    • Online booking

The most competitive solution in the market Crisalix community users spend 0 in hardware + maintenance + rental space, and get free updates and live support 24h.

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Payments methods

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  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Supported browsers

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Supported platforms

  • Windows
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  • iOS

Minimum hardware requirements for 3D

  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
  • Videocard: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities

First global study on 3D consult-to-surgery conversion Crisalix users operate twice more!

  • How would I look after surgery
  • Now I know what I would look like!
Standard conversion rate**
Crisalix conversion rate
  • Clinically validated based on:
  • Patients 20952 Patients
  • Doctors 877 Plastic surgeons
  • 71 Countries
  • Individual practices to chain of clinics
  • Males & Females
  • Freshly graduated to KOL
  • 33 to over 60 year old
  • All levels of Tech-savy
Because patients need to know, any plastic surgeon can double his number of surgeries per consultation on average by integrating Crisalix in his consultation.

*Results based on information received between February 07, 2015 and February 09, 2016. Ongoing study with live results visible on Crisalix.com. / **The Business of Plastic Surgery: navigating a successful career”, by Joshua M. Korman, 2010

About CCI

The Crisalix Conversion Index generates in real time, or live, the historical-to-now average consult-to-surgery conversion rate from the Crisalix 3D simulated patients. It is the first and only unbiased index of its kind showing the overall success rate of 3D consultations. The statistical calculations are automatically generated from aggregated Crisalix community of plastic surgeons data from around the world cumulating thousands of patients consult-to-surgery final results. The Crisalix Conversion Index is among other things intended to allow any participant in the industry, including but not limited to each and every plastic surgeon from any part of the world to benchmark his own success rate towards his 3D peers as well as quantifying the extra value generated by tailor made 3D consultations over classical ones (usually admitted around 30 to 40%).

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