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Available now: 3D imaging for mastopexy, breast reduction & implant revision


The latest evolution of the Crisalix 3D Breast simulator is already available. With it, you will be able to simulate the majority of all your breast aesthetic procedures. These are some of the functionalities it includes:

  • Primary breast augmentation (with implants and/or fat filling)
  • Secondary breast augmentation (with implants and/or fat filling)
  • Mastopexy with or without implants
  • Breast reduction with or without implants
  • & more
with or without implants
Full control of IMF
5 different techniques
nipple-areola complex positioning
Breast measurements
Cleavage adjustment

Discover the benefits of using the latest evolution of Crisalix 3D Breast simulation:

  • Use Crisalix technology on most of your breast patients
  • Enhance your communication with patients to the next level for complex breast cases
  • Be the Artist with very specific tools including cleavage & implant positioning, IMF and nipple-areola control, 5 different mastopexy automated procedures & more
  • Access to an improved user-friendly interface

To start using this new version, contact us to coordinate a demo session.

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