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Crisalix Newsletter February 2011

Crisalix opens the door to a new era in plastic surgery, offering you a unique web-based tool for 3D simulation of post-operative results. Crisalix's interactive cloud computing solution requires neither software nor expensive hardware. This state of the art technology, developed with renowned university research centers in biomechanics, 3D and information technology, generates instantaneous 3D simulations based on the physical properties of your patient's body.

Having no financial interest in Crisalix or its success, I objectively recommend e-Stetix, as it can increase your patient referrals and consult-to-surgery conversions.

Jan Poëll, MD

President of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Corporate News

Crisalix launches new website

Crisalix is excited to announce to the launch of its new website. With objective to offer you, as well as the plastic surgery community as a whole, a new era in the realms of cloud computing, the new website has been designed to offer increased navigability and ease-of-use. Maintaining a strong corporate identity, the new look and feel of the website enables you to access all the available information in utmost clarity and simplicity.


Past Events

During the past month, Crisalix was present at The Annual Baker Gordon Symposium which was held in Miami,US, between February 10-12, and the Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop in Melbourne, Australia, between February 17-20.

Future Events

In the coming month, Crisalix will participate in the 12th International Symposium on Plastic Surgery in São Paulo, Brazil, between March 18-20, and the 9th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco, between March 24-26, and the 41st Argentinian Congress on Plastic Surgery in Cataratas del Iguazú, between March 30 and April 2.

Tip of the month

Case study – Dr Koneru uses e-Stetix to promote his practice

The renowned Dr Koneru, Past President of the San Antonio International Society of Plastic Surgeons, from San Antonio, US, has been able to maximize the use of e-Stetix in order to promote his practice and increase his exposure. Dr Koneru has distributed an online communiqué indicating the benefits of e-Stetix and himself as being the first physician in his region to be capitalizing on this exceptional and unique 3D technology. In doing so, Dr Koneru has increased by a double digit percentage his visibility on a globally recognized search engine.

e-Stetix includes a variety of tools to facilitate promoting your practice and your pioneering use of this innovative 3D technology. From your e-Stetix account, you have access to a Marketing Kit which includes brochures, banners for your website, videos for patients and a customizable press release. The objective being to make available to you, as a user of e-Stetix, the means to promote yourself to your patients as well as to local, national and international media.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Crisalix.

Jaime Garcia, PhD,

Chief Executive Officer


Parc Scientifique [PSE-A]

Ecole Polythechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

1015 Lausanne | VD


T +41 21 693 9001

This software is very straightforward. I sincerely believe this tool is of great help to the plastic surgeon.

António Graziosi, MD

Former President of the São Paulo Society of Plastic Surgery

Congratulations! I use e-Stetix in my office.

Dennis Hammond, MD

Inventor of bodylogic

To demonstrate on the patient’s own body in 3D how she will look like after the operation without expensive equipment and through an online program is most exciting.

Foad Nahai, MD

Former President of the ISAPS

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