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Masters in Breast Surgery III: Management of Complications in Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Dr. Dennis C. Hammond is pleased to announce Masters in Breast Surgery III: Management of Complications in Aesthetic Breast Surgery (MBS III). This CME-certified third installment of the Masters ...

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Face Augmented Reality: be part of the expert group

  Put your name in the aesthetics history by being part of the influencers of the biggest game changing evolution in facial surgery planning and consultations until today while building the soluti...

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Ready for your own cloud with Crisalix?

Continuing with the goal of simplyfing your daily work to avoid dealing with too many systems therefore making Crisalix your all-in-one online platform, the new Crisalix cloud will give you the opp...

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AUGMENTED REALITY for breast surgery: attract, educate and convert patients like never before

Can you imagine giving your patients the power to see themselves with their new breasts in a mirror even before having had surgery? Welcome to the world premiere Limited Edition of 4D Augmented Re...

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Now you can scan unlimited post-op 3D models for outcome analysis!

- Objectively analyze and document in 3D any treatment to educate patients and reduce patient post surgery dissatisfaction by comparing pre and post results visually but also with several measureme...

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Boost your social media with the new Before & After 3D videos!

To wish you a very happy end-of-the year festivities and a great 2018 with Crisalix, we are releasing a last year-end gift with the new video recording tool integrated within your 3D interface*.  ...

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New Crisalix interface

Crisalix has released a new and improved interface to simplify and speed up your Crisalix 3D experience. The main advantages are: Quick scan: You can start scanning directly from the dashboard b...

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New Beta Program

Join now to be part of the first beta group initiated to build the ultimate generation of Eyelid Surgery 3D imaging, with the goal of providing you with the best tools to simulate blepharoplasty / ...

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VR GEAR - new 3D glasses Crisalix App

Since several years, 3D imaging has opened a new era of consultations within the plastic and aesthetic surgery field. Those tools have become an essential support for the patient to better understa...

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