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New Crisalix 3D simulator validated by the first worldwide beta testing of its kind

Want to stay ahead of your time and offer the most advanced 3D consultations that every patient is looking for? Crisalix brings you exactly that. The brand new version offers a revolution in 3D consultations with simulations generated from the 3D model in as little as 2 seconds!

Not only will you save consultation time, but the significantly enhanced quality of the 3D model’s texture and shape, now including the back and upper arms, will provide your patients with a highly accurate and extensive view of what they could look like after the procedure, thereby assisting you in increasing patient satisfaction, conversion rates and referrals.

Discover the brand new Crisalix simulator with your existing patients. Simply select the patient from your Patient List and click on ‘Next’ to directly accept the reconstruction again without having to place bodymarks again, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. With the new version you can generate unlimited reconstructions for the same patient with the same uploaded photos, even after accepting the 3D model.

Crisalix has carried out the first beta testing of its kind on a worldwide basis. The objective of this undertaking has been to intensely test and validate Crisalix with various environments, specialists, user profiles and specificities from different markets. This study was conducted with prominent clinics, acclaimed University Professors, Board Members, Founders and Presidents of National and International Societies, recognized Key Opinion Leaders, and an amalgamation of a number of highly distinguished surgeons from every continent.

Read on for more on these exciting news and stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!

Best regards,

Jaime Garcia, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer

New developments 

Impress your patients with Crisalix’s ultra-fast and accurate 3D simulator

The new Crisalix simulator introduces a state-of-the art ‘engine’ designed to save time and contribute to the efficiency of your consultation.

This innovative methodology has condensed the process for generating the simulation, enabling you to provide your patients with 3D simulations in as little as 2 seconds, nearly 5 times faster than previously.

Furthermore, the simulation of implant insertion employs a new scientific algorithm which provides for even more accurate 3D results than to date. These algorithms go to a level of detail never achieved till now for reproducing the precise shape of the implant in the patient’s body, thereby providing a highly accurate representation of post-procedures results.

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Optimized 3D model to captivate your patients

Crisalix integrates the most advanced 3D technology, similarly to what is used for box office motion picture animations as well as sophisticated 3D architectural visualizations and video games. Crisalix’s 3D imaging provides an unparalleled depth of perception and accuracy for the satisfaction of your patients.

Crisalix’s approach for creating the 3D model has been extended to the body’s back and upper arms, to recreate in 3D these parts of the anatomy. This helps your patients have a more complete view of their pre-procedure body, and more importantly, project themselves into what their body could look like after the procedure.

In addition, the replication of the patient’s skin from the 2D photos on the 3D images has also been significantly enhanced. With the new version, you can provide your patients with 3D images representing more faithfully their precise skin texture and color.

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New 3D Interface for direct access to simulations

While the processing speed required by Crisalix’s application to generate simulations is definitely an important aspect affecting the efficiency of your 3D consultations, the ease-of-use and navigation within the application is also of prime importance in achieving the same objective.

One of the main changes versus the previous version is that you can now generate simulations immediately after accepting the 3D pre-model and from the same screen. On the right of the 3D model you will be able to directly simulate a generic implant based on a specific implant shape and defined dimensions as well as insertion technique.

We have also re-organized the layout of the various tools within the 3D simulator window, which provides for a more intuitive access to the different features and a seamless user experience.

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Enhanced 3D Virtual Wardrobe 

The 3D Virtual Wardrobe has been adapted to the 3D image of the body, which includes the patient’s back. The items of clothing in the new version represent more faithfully the clothes and the manner in which they are worn on the body.

This provides patients with a highly concrete view of what their new body could look like after the procedure.

Beta Testing

The first worldwide beta testing of its kind

To obtain a neutral and independent view of the latest version of our 3D simulator, Crisalix’s intensive beta testing was carried out by highly experienced and renowned surgeons and clinics from around the world, representing a genuine combination of different profiles for gathering the most impartial feedback possible.

Crisalix’s usability, its functionalities as well as its overall performance were rigorously tested and analyzed in detail. A structured feedback process enabled our development team to clearly analyze the results and determine what actions and enhancement were required, to bring the brand new version of Crisalix’s 3D simulator. 

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This software is very straightforward. I sincerely believe this tool is of great help to the plastic surgeon.

Antonio Graziosi, M.D.,

Past President of the Sao Paulo Society for Plastic Surgery

Crisalix allows the patient to make a better informed preoperative choice for both the desired volume and the surgical method and enables the surgeon to precisely plan the fat grafting or implant procedure to the breast.

Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, M.D.,

Member, ISAPS

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