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New Crisalix interface

Crisalix has released a new and improved interface to simplify and speed up your Crisalix 3D experience. The main advantages are:

Quick scan: You can start scanning directly from the dashboard by clicking on this new button.

Patient list filters: from the list, easily filter between type of procedure, whether the patient has decided to go ahead with surgery or not, and the origin from where they were acquired.

Marketing kit: take a look at the wide range of features and services that the marketing kit includes to help you attract more patients to your practice. Check it out here.

Simplified new patient profiles: process reviewed to simplify the 3D modeling process.

Notifications: Stay updated with the status of all your 3D simulations, as well as enquiries or bookings received.

Live chat: now also available from the iPad.

And many other improvements you will discover...

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