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VR GEAR - new 3D glasses Crisalix App

Since several years, 3D imaging has opened a new era of consultations within the plastic and aesthetic surgery field. Those tools have become an essential support for the patient to better understand her future appearance and better manage her expectations.



Thanks to the new 3D glasses Crisalix application, you can bring your patients to the first immersive visualization creating a fitting room where the patient can try virtually her new breasts.


In order to move one step further in this new type of consultations more and more demanded by the patients, Crisalix has integrated augmented reality that allows a full immersion of the 3D visualization acquired by 3D imaging tools. Using the ultimate 3D VR glasses technology co-developed by Samsung and Occulus, which was acquired by Facebook last year, the first application of this kind enhances even more the relationship between the plastic surgeon and the patient bringing virtual to the limit of reality. After having put the glasses on their head, patients can start to see the different breasts they could have directly on their body.

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