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Crisalix for breast augmentation simulation

EditoWeb magazine, a French online magazine about current affairs and trends, depicts a dedicated...

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How much is a Rhinoplasty in Venezuela?

The cost of plastic surgery operations or treatments is increasingly becoming more accessible to ...

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Using the latest technology to plan an accurate rhinoplasty

Dr. Matheus Rios, a highly regarded otolaryngologist in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande, Brazil, has est...

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What your eyes convey

Dr. José Manuel Santos explains the techniques he applies in his practice to obtain stunning eye ...

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Plastic surgeon G. Papeckys: "Innovative consultations help overcome anxiety before plastic surgery"

Moteris, a very well-known Lithuanian magazine/portal, publishes this article on plastic surgery ...

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Crisalix Face Simulator

This is a recording of a popular Korean TV show that used Crisalix recently on Korean National TV...

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Breast Augmentation: How Do I Know This Works for Me?

University Herald ( USA ). Computer Simulations Crisalix 3D is a virtual imaging tool that bre...

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Before and after breast augmentation

Cosmopolitan TV ( Spain ) Breast surgery is one of the most demanded plastic surgeries. At the sa...

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