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27th annual Atlanta breast surgery symposium

The 2011 Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium program was developed following the identification of clinical practice gaps revealed in 2010 attendee post-meeting evaluations and a subsequent needs assessment. This program seeks to address the needs identified during that exercise. Upon the completion of this program, learners should be able to:

  • Identify appropriate practice options for treatment using various techniques for breast reconstruction, mastopexy, and augmentation.
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of techniques, safety, and management of complications for aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.
  • Achieve an understanding of the latest trends in breast augmentation, and recent results using various implant type, shapes and surfaces, as well as fat injection advances and controversies in breast surgery.
  • Compare and evaluate up to date techniques used in breast reduction for potential use in their practice setting.
  • Understand the potential for problem cases and complications experienced by their peers, as well as solutions explored during the procedures.
Intercontinental Hotel 3315 Peachtree Road, NE Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia , United States
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