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Everything you should know to increase your number of consultations: generating and converting leads

According to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank Statistics for 2020-2021 published b...

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Available now: 3D imaging for mastopexy, breast reduction & implant revision

  The latest evolution of the Crisalix 3D Breast simulator is already available. With it, ...

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The Metaverse as a new approach to aesthetic consultations

A lot has been written and discussed about the revolution the metaverse is starting to bring to o...

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Welcome to the fine Art of Liposculpture

A group of worldwide experts in aesthetic plastic surgery will share their honest experiences, wh...

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“Antes e Depois” facial agora perfeitamente padronizado

Para mostrar resultados dum tratamento estético facial, os vídeos e fotos “Antes e Depois” são o ...

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Videoconferência segura agora disponível em sua conta!

Para apoiá-lo com essa transformação de mercado sem precedentes, anunciamos a integração da soluç...

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Online Consultations: A Remedy in Time of Crisis?

COVID-19 is spreading around us, and besides causing a health crisis, it is also becoming an econ...

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NEW Crisalix AI 3D aesthetic simulator <1 min + no hardware + works on all devices

We’re glad to announce the release of the first fully automatic engine for face and breast 3D i...

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Face Augmented Reality: be part of the expert group

  Put your name in the aesthetics history by being part of the influencers of the biggest game c...

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