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How Plastic Surgeons Use This Virtual Reality Simulator to Preview Your Results

NewBeauty "One important device in Chicago plastic surgeon Michael Horn, MD’s toolbox is a vi...

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Crisalix Face Simulator

A popular Korean TV show uses Crisalix Face simulator to simulate a "Double Eyelid Surgery". Cris...

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Breast Augmentation: How Do I Know This Works for Me?

University Herald ( USA ). Computer Simulations Crisalix 3D is a virtual imaging tool that bre...

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Before and after breast augmentation

Cosmopolitan TV ( Spain ) Breast surgery is one of the most demanded plastic surgeries. At the ...

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Skin Decision: Before & After

Netflix - (California) Netflix presents: "Skin Decision" is a transformational show, released on ...

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What is wrong with me, doctor? - La Sexta Version

La Sexta TV (Spain) Dr. Murillo Solis talked briefly about Crisalix last Sunday.

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Dr. Maria Boyce on Variants of Breast Augmentation and Crisalix 3D

UNTERNEHMEN-HEUTE - (Germany) The symbol of fertility, sexiness and femininity is the female brea...

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Zarate: A surgeon developed a mask for facial reconstruction

El Faro - (Argentina) The method developed by Aguilar and Mayer puts traditional techniques in cr...

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Argentine surgeons used a 3D mask to rebuild a face with deep burns

Clarin Newspaper - (Argentina) "With software (Crisalix 3D) that is used to simulate results in c...

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