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Case Study: e-Stetix increased my conversion rate from 60% to 96%

After 4 months of systematic use of e-Stetix for each consultation in breast augmentation, the opinion of the patients and the statistics are more than encouraging. The visualization in 3D simulation comforts the patient before the surgery and allows her tohave a clearer idea about the final shape of her chest while taking into account its own anatomy.  This tool allows to confirm the choice of prosthesis made by external sizer. The use of the program is very simple and fast, and makes the consultation more interactive. The average time spent in consultation to make the simulation is about 5 minutes. e-stetix allowed to increase my conversion rate for breast augmentations during this period by 36% (60% on a nominal basis).

Dr. Serge Lê Huu, MD, Spéc. FMH Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

LACLINIC/ PHI AESTHETICS (Montreux, Switzerland)

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