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New 3D facial imaging: simulate now any facial procedures in just 1 click

Please find here Crisalix’s latest updates, the only professional web-based 3D imaging system for plastic surgery, that works with your standard pictures.

New facial procedures*: on top of the existing Rhino surgery and skin treatments, you can now simulate Face lift – Brows lift - Lip augmentation – Cheeks volume – Neck reduction – Chin implants - Eye and Jawline procedures with just 1 click!


Shape's catalog: select from the most common shapes demanded by patients for nose, lips, eyes procedures from an easy to use catalog.

Patient’s feedback and survey: get direct input and valuable online information from them with the patient access tool.

What your peers already say:

Dr. Montserrat Salvador López  (Spain)

I have had the pleasure to discover the new facial module that I already love and in particular functions related to the chin, cheeks, lips and eyes. This is definitely a very easy to use tool, which should delight patients while helping them in taking their decision."

Dr. Hernández Machado (Spain)

"With new improvements, we will now be able to carry out 3D simulations to reveal more realistically changes which can be obtained by applying certain medical and/or surgical facial treatments. Goals will always be the same: to be able to help patients with their expectations, reassure them and, secondarily, to improve our conversion rates."
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