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New Crisalix 3D Sensor

Crisalix has launched the 3D Sensor tool, an innovative product that will take your consultation to the next level. Turn your iPad into a state-of-the-art 3D sensor camera and boost your patients' satisfaction by offering high-quality and real-time 3D simulations with an unprecedent level of realism.


New Crisalix 3D Sensor

Discover some of the benefits that the 3D sensor can bring to your consultation:

  • Real life imaging: get the only 360º solution available on the market
  • Full range of procedures: all facial, breasts and body contouring simulations
  • Fastest solution ever: generate your 3D and do any simulation in real time
  • More accurate: generate with high precision any part of your patient's body and face
  • Very easy: all-in-one mobile solution available 24/7 


Click here to watch a video and discover how Crisalix 3D Sensor works

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