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AUGMENTED REALITY for breast surgery: attract, educate and convert patients like never before

Can you imagine giving your patients the power to see themselves with their new breasts in a mirror even before having had surgery?

Welcome to the world premiere Limited Edition of 4D Augmented Reality consultation solution for breast augmentations! From now on, instead of seeing only part of their 3D torso on a computer, they can discover themselves on a large screen as if on a mirror, "augmented" with their new breasts.


Therefore, for the first time ever you could now educate and convert your patients letting them experiencing their new breasts:

- LIVE: as incredible as it sounds, they can now simulate with any movement or position

- in REAL TIME: amaze everyone as everything happens instantly

- with FULL BODY PROPORTIONS: the most realistic experience taking into consideration the whole body, from head to toe

There is probably no step closer to the surgery… except doing it!


This ultimate game changing solution has been made possible thanks to several years of advanced medical and scientific research combined with state of the art 3D & 4D imaging technology from our Research & Development team.

Last but definitely not least: to give you a clear competitive edgefrom this unique key differentiation, we are pleased to introduce it as a PREMIUM LIMITED EDITION.

If you are ready to increase your practice turnover to new heights, connect with us before your competitors and we will inform you if there are still AR Limited Edition packs available in your area.

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