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Crisalix Ratings & Reviews: when patients become your best ambassadors

Did you know that 95% of customers read online reviews before buying, 97% read reviews for local businesses, and 94% say bad reviews have made them avoid a business?*

Therefore, it's crucial to gather the most reviews and ensure they are as positive as possible. Sounds logical right - but how could it be achieved?

We are excited to introduce Crisalix Ratings & Reviews - a solution that enables both:

Boost the number of your online reviews by addressing patients' need to continue seeing their 3D images after the consultation and treatment. Our patient app has proven to collect 90% of valuable feedback from patients after a Crisalix 3D consultation - that's nearly 10 times more insights than any other tool available and over 50 times the number of Google reviews! Isn’t it awesome?
Enrich your patient experience and satisfaction rate by improving their education through the Crisalix 3D technology and dedicated patient journey, as the 11% increase in Crisalix average rating** demonstrates versus patients who didn't have the Crisalix experience. 

Our new Crisalix Ratings & Reviews feature is designed to complement your current plan and supercharge your activity growth smartly, automatedly, and without extra effort.

Not all reviews are created equal:

Unlike many platforms that allow unverified content, every Crisalix review is written by a real patient who accesses your PatientApp with their own email addresses. This ensures the authenticity and reliability of each review, making them more impactful.

Empower your website, social media, and other online channels with your most valuable asset: your patients. They become your best ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences, producing social proof, and building higher trust in your healthcare practice.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or write to for further details and information.

The Crisalix Team

*As per Global Newswire, Bright Local, and Review Trackers, respectively. **Crisalix’s doctor average is 4.8, 0,5 higher than the standard rate

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