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Crisalix Media Appearances

Crisalix on Ver Mais

Ver Mais Technologia a servico da beleza. Dr. Ana Zulmira Diniz badin, Plastic Surgeon

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Jaime Garcia and Fabian Wyss

pme magazine-(CH) Swiss entrepreneurs

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Fat Injection in 3d

Fat injection in 3D

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Wardrobe virtual 3d

Lofficiel-(PAR) Wardrobe virtual 3D

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Crisalix on Telecinco

Telecinco Spain Dr. Carlos Bundo

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Crisalix on cuatro

Cuatro News-(ES) Javier Herrero, Cirujan plastico clinica Teknon

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Patients around the world want 3d consultations

IPRAS Journal - provides a wealth of information on breast augmentation surgery to help patients understand some of the important choices they could be faced with when considering brea...

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Crisalix on TV5 Monde 2011

Monde-(FR) Doctor Serge Le Huu

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Crisalix releases the new version

IPRAS Journal - The journal discusses the latest version of exclusive 3D breast augmentation simulator. Not only can patients see their new breasts when naked , but also can image themselves with d...

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