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Crisalix on Telecinco

Telecinco Spain Dr. Carlos Bundo

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Crisalix on cuatro

Cuatro News-(ES) Javier Herrero, Cirujan plastico clinica Teknon

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Patients around the world want 3d consultations

IPRAS Journal With growing demand from patients seeking 3D simulations in their breast augment...

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Crisalix on TV5 Monde 2011

Monde-(FR) Doctor Serge Le Huu

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Crisalix releases the new version

IPRAS Journal Crisalix releases the new version of its revolutionary 3D breast augmentation si...

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Crisalix releases the new version of its revolu...

IPRAS Journal Crisalix launches e-Stetix v3.0, a breakthrough new version of its exclusive 3D ...

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The first 3d physical web-based simulator for p...

IPRAS Journal Crisalix provides the answer to the unique common question in the plastic surger...

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Revolution in breast surgery

Revolution in Breast Surgery From now, women who wish to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive br...

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Crisalix, a pioneer in 3d simulations

Bilan-(CH) A startup Lausanne has developed a simulator for plastic surgeons.

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