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Boost your social media with the new Before & After 3D videos!

To wish you a very happy end-of-the year festivities and a great 2018 with Crisalix, we are releasing a last year-end gift with the new video recording tool integrated within your 3D interface*.

Boost your social media with the new Before & After 3D videos!

You can now generate very easily animated videos showing either any of your Before and After simulation in 3D or Before and great After results in 3D allowing you to:
- Attract more patients by boosting your social media contents with exciting videos (option to hide nipples).
- Convert more of your website visitors from your Before and After gallery with appealing content.
- Make exciting and state-of-the art presentations and workshops with dynamic 3D content showing.
- Add one dimension in your EMR files by saving animated videos in 3D of each of your patients.
*Available in next Crisalix iPad app update.

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