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Largest German cosmetic website

MyBody-(DE) Crisalix on the Largest German Cosmetic Website Modern 3D simulation systems revolutionize the consultation and planning of aesthetic-plastic interventions.

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Crisalix was mentioned in the largest private clinic group in the Netherlands

De Telegraaf-(NL) An author of The Telegraaf published an article on her own experience of the 3D consultations via the Bergman Clinic in The Netherlands. Summary of article content: The aut...

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Botched up bodies

Channel 5-(UK) London based Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr. Paul Harris using Crisalix in a Botched Up Bodies episode. In Mr. Harris's own words, "The iPad 3D scanner from Crisalix has revolut...

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Crisalix on Mexican tv

Televisa-(Mex) Los Doctores" TV show looks at the advantages Crisalix brings to the patient and the consultation with the doctor.

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Simulaçao 3D para implantes mamários

Anti age magazine-(CH) Entender melhor sua forma e volume. Uma das principais preocupações dos pacientes que planejam utilizar o aumento do peito é imaginar a forma eo volume de sua caixa futuro...

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Programa que revela como será a sua nova mama

gabbia magazine-(ITL) Unos meses en Italia se introdujo un sistema para predecir los resultados del aumento mamario. Se llama e-Stetix 3D Mammo y es un software que simula las tres dimensiones d...

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Crisalix no canal ABC

ABC News-(US) Crisalix featured on US ABC news channel,Dr. James Knoetgen reveal how surgeons are using the state of the art 3D imaging software to show how patients undergoing cosmetic surgery ...

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Crisalix simulador em 3D 8tv

8tv-(MY) Crisalix 3D simulator

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Medicina estética apreende o 3D

Le Matin-(CH) New Technologies in Lausanne launches an application that allows the patient to see in 3D before a facelift.

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