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The online news medium discusses 3D simulation

NU.NL-(NL) The online news medium discusses the new 3D simulation technique at the Bergman Clinics. Summary of article content: Not all woman are satisfied with their breasts. A breast correction can create a woman to be happier in her body. However this is not something you do easily, one has to think about it. What do you want? Which size? Which texture and lots more…. The Bergman Clinics 3D-Consult™ helps to answer these questions. During the consultation at the Bergman Clinics you will also receive a 3D simulation. A scan of your body is transferred into a 3D simulation. Based on this you can check what fits best for your body. Aside that you even get access to check the simulations from home with your partner or friend(s) Do you want to try it yourself? At home you can already try the 3D simulation. Via you can upload your own images via your phone, Tablet or PC and you can check what best suits you. Are you convinced already? Via the link above you can also make immediately an appointment at the Bergman Clinics

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