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Crisalix was mentioned in the largest private clinic group in the Netherlands

De Telegraaf-(NL) An author of The Telegraaf published an article on her own experience of the 3D consultations via the Bergman Clinic in The Netherlands. Summary of article content: The author of the article has been doubting herself whether to have a breast enlargement or not. However the step to actually go to plastic surgeon is quick large and on average a treatment will cost you €3500 to €4000 and you do not even know if it will look nice. Bergman Clinics 3D-Consult™ provides the solution The author explains her visit to the clinic and her experience during the consultation. First the surgeon explains the different implants, the different procedures and the potential risks. Afterwards a quick scan is being taken of the body. A couple of minutes after the scan with an iPad, the software system has created a 3D version of herself. With some edits from the surgeon she can see the new version of herself. It is possible to check the new breasts from all angles, and of course she was also curious to see size ¨Lola Ferrari¨. Even that was no problem for the system. The advice of the surgeon was shared with the patient: she didn’t need a breast lift and round implants of about 235 CC would create the desired outcome. She goes home with a digital version of the simulation in order to check the images at home and think about the procedure. The author concludes that it is great to see upfront the future result, however the disadvantage is that she has seen it now, and that she wants it. She will need to start saving money.

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